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My Artistic Process

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Alison Lambert like many artists, when draughting on cotton paper would use charcoal and black pastel as a medium of choice. Although that is where the similarities end. Rather than using an eraser or manually hand/finger rubbing out her mistakes; she would instead glue ripped pieces of cotton paper over her various errors. Consequently, over time this con­tinual additive layering process would create a uniquely fragmented texture of the figures and portraits of her subjects. A sort of accidental design.

Rather than to directly replicate Lambert’s method of working, I decided to flip it on its head. I opted to create my portraiture pieces deliberately through ripped pieces of paper. Where I imagined the face and its features as a contoured geographic landscape. I would then draw over this textured surface with charcoal, white/ black pastel and chalk.

Further experimentation led me to introduce various paper types to mark out shade and tonal variations on each visage. As the papers would uniquely react to the charcoal thus accentuating the levels of depth and dialogue within each piece. Even so, I am still develop­ing my extremely unique method of working. A form of representation that is essentially my own invention.

/ˈZIːBRƏ/ ZEE-BRƏ, /ˈZƐBRƏ/ ZEB-RƏ, (2015)

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